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Mama's Lullaby

Product Description
What sound is more precious than that of a mother singing her child to sleep, surrounding her baby with a unique warmth and love? This special collection of lullabies from around the world is filled with the soothing softness of a mother's gentle voice. These authentic lullabies are performed by extraordinary women; mothers sharing their bedtime songs from homes as far away as Italy, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Israel, and France.

As your little ones are lulled to sleep, you and your family will share in the richness and diversity of the world’s cultures, and experience the beauty of the common love shared by mothers everywhere.

The notes include original lyrics and English translations.

World Music For Little Ears

Product Description
World Music For Little Ears Authentic Lullabies From Around the World

Our children will live their lives in a world where people from around the globe share each other’s beauty and culture.

This collection of lullabies from around the world will ease your little ones to sleep with gentle lyrics sung in the native tongues of Ireland, Brazil, Wales, Africa, Nova Scotia, Cuba and more.

A musical welcome to a world in which the sweetness of a parent’s love is universal.

The notes include original lyrics and English translations.

Welcoming Children into the World

Product Description
Ellen Kushner's award-winning National Public Radio program Sound and Spirit celebrates the contrasts and connections of diverse world cultures, exploring traditions and themes that define the human experience. None transcends the language barriers better than the push and pull of family, especially the birth of a child.

This album, a collection of songs from one of Kushner's most requested shows, highlights the rituals of childbirth and the joys and frustrations of baby's first year. From Serbo-Croatian and Nepalese lullabies, to a Navajo chant, to an American song about adoption, and finally a Baka nursery rhyme, these various baby-related meditations are brought to life by such artists as Sweet Honey in the Rock, Sally Rogers, and Woody Guthrie. The artists share the beauty of the miracle of birth, the heroism of women in labor, and the comforting sense of global unity in life's daily struggle. Best of all, they bring succor to that most neglected of nurturers, the exhausted young mother. --Alanna Nash

HUNK•TA•BUNK•TA - Chants -

Product Description
HUNK•TA•BUNK•TA™ CHANTS (Sayable Singable Phrases From Around the World) ©2000 Running Time: 60 minutes (59:57) For:  Children 4-12; parents; home-schoolers; educators Description: A multi-cultural award-winning treasure of 37 traditional chants collected from the corners of world, plus several new ones created especially for this project by award winning songwriter, recording and teaching artist, Katherine Dines. In addition to being entertaining, this recording is a unique tool that can be used to encourage listening and language skills in young children, or to build geographical awareness with an older group.

Credits: Discovery Channel Website- 5 Star Award of Excellence Dr. Toy’s Top Ten Best Audio Recordings for Children 2001 Kids First Endorsement Parent’s Choice Award Children’s Music Web Award

An accompanying teacher's guide will be available in early 2004

Mon Imagier des Rondes

Product Description
Definitely NOT a substance-free kids' book and CD! It's real music, designed for kids, but listenable to the adult ear. Disc has a variety of songs centered around physical actions. The songs are interpreted on real instruments in various musical styles. Great performance of musicians and children.

Very carefully, tastefully and professionally produced – bravo!!!

Mon Imagier de l'Alphabet

Product Description
Ce livre cartonné d'un format adapté aux petites mains, présente les lettre de l'alphabet.
Sur le CD, les courtes chansons répétées par plusieurs voix sont faciles à mémoriser pour les tout-petits. Les rythmes, les airs et les instruments utilisés sont variés, la diction est soignée.
Un travail extraordianire qui offre un excellent résultat, car les enfants s'appropriront ces chansons sans effort.
En bonus, quelques versions musicales pour chanter tout seul.

Pour faciliter l'apprentissage de l'alphabet, des illustrations aux couleurs vives et des chansons au rythme entraînant.

Mon imagier des comptines à compter