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Music CDs & DVDs
  New: The Spring Celebration 2007 DVD is now available
  Spring Event 2007 Content
•  Introduction
•  Drum Intro
•  Monsieur l'Ours
•  Sowing Song (Hei-jee - Sioux)
•  Birth (Heartbeat Rhyme / Spring-Vivaldi)
•  One little, two little, three little flowers...
•  Grow, grow, grow my Plant
•  Savez vous planter les Choux
•  The Eagle
•  Kuckuck
•  Caneton
•  Bunny Boogie
•  Morning has broken (Cat Stevens)

    •  Extra: Growth (Spring movie projected                  during the performance - with "I see                  robins, I see birds nests...")




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